Hello there, developers! We're thrilled to welcome you to the Screenly Developer Portal, your exclusive gateway to all things related to Screenly's APIs, SDKs, and the vibrant ecosystem that powers our cutting-edge digital signage solutions.

We've designed this portal with one goal in mind: to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-understand, and intuitive platform where developers can find everything they need to build extraordinary applications with Screenly.


You're busy, we know. Here is how you get up and running with Screenly (mostly) from the comfort of your terminal.

Log into Screenly

$ screenly login
Enter your API Token:
Login credentials have been saved.

Pair your Screen with your account

$ screenly screen add <PIN> "My First Screen"

Note that you need to exchange <PIN> with your actual screen PIN shown on the screen after the initial registration, which is done by the device automatically.

Add Hacker News as an asset

$ screenly asset add "" "Hacker News"

List your screen(s)

$ screenly screen list
| Id                         | Name                  | Hardware Version      | In Sync | Last Ping                       | Uptime |
| 01FG6HDAV4ED7TKN8XXXXXXXXX | My First Screen       | Screenly Player Max   |   ❌    | 2023-05-23T11:55:35.776+00:00   | 1 Hour |

Congrats! You've successfully managed to get up and running with Screenly.

We recommend that you check out our Playground, Edge Apps and JavaScript Injector next.


You'll find a lot of our developer focused documentation here. You'll however notice a lot of reference to our Playground on GitHub. This is where we host most of our example code, including our sample Edge Apps.

Screenly's API v3

Our extensive API v3 documentation serves as your detailed guide, offering instructions to help you interact with and leverage our APIs. It provides information on our RESTful APIs, including how to authenticate, various endpoints, and detailed descriptions of object attributes. With clear, easy-to-follow examples, you'll be on your way to integrating Screenly functionality into your applications in no time.

Learn more

Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Screenly's CLI (Command Line Interface) tools are a powerful resource for developers who prefer to work directly from the command line. Our CLI tools documentation provides clear instructions on how to install, configure, and use them effectively. From managing your digital signage content to troubleshooting, these tools provide a streamlined way of interacting with Screenly's systems.

Learn more

Edge Apps

Edge Apps is a framework for building and running content for your digital signage screens. Inspired by Serverless movement, Edge Apps enables you to build sophisticated digital signage content without the need for running your own infrastructure.

If you're familiar with Heroku, Cloudflare Workers, or any similar technology, you'll feel right at home with Edge Apps.

Learn more

JavaScript Injector

Screenly's JavaScript Injector allows you to interact with a web asset using JavaScript. This allow you to perform actions, such as closing GDPR pop-ups, sign in web pages and more.

Learn more


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